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"Nazi Germany cared more for Culture than the current Polish government"

"In countries with a long and rich capitalist tradition in which culture functioned, people turned up whose imaginations were bigger than the petty strategies of petty street vendors. These people actually managed to realize that ambitious art was something that could also turn a profit, and that there was sufficient market demand for bold works. In Poland, this is all ahead of us - I hope." says famous director Krystian Lupa in this interview about the current ideas regarding cultural policy in Poland.

MS: In the commentary about politicians from the Civic Platform with regard to their projects to reform the public media or financing of culture, there seems to be a lot of dissapointment. Agnieszka Holland wrote an open letter criticizing this notion that Culture is the best area for budget cuts and achieving savings. Would Polish culture survive without government funding?


Jarzyna's new play explores Polish-German relations

The pre-premiere of "Everything is fine between us," written by Dorota Masłowska and directed by Grzegorz Jarzyna has made a shocking impression on the public at the Schaubühne theatre.

Burn Monroe, Save Lupa

Krystian Lupa is going to show the legend of holywood at the moment of her heroic battle for her own identity. However, goddesses are not allowed to toy around. This is a play that is an important undertaking for Lupa himself, who is slowly going from being a mere director to himself being a legendary personality.

Here I am: Beautiful and Famous

Michał Borczuch has debuted at the TR Warszawa theatre with his vision of Dorian Gray as an icon of pop culture. This play is one for the dandies. It is about the problems of a niche group of people, using methods that only a niche group of people will understand. "I'm not a victim, I'm a celebrity," notes the nymph in Lulu, Borczuch's famed play from the Stary Theatre in Krakow. This is exactly what Dorian Gray could have said in the new play from TR Warszawa. Perhaps even the director would agree to this statement. Ths theatrical market seems to have in Borczuch another idol of the "new generation" of directors, besides people like Natali Korczakowska, Monika Strzępka, Wiktor Rubin and Michał Zadara, who usually have nothing in common beyond their relative youth and the fact that they are celebrities.

Jan Klata's Trilogy

To perform Sienkiewicz's entire Trilogy in one go is crazy. And thus we have a crazy play. It is funny, it is fearsome, it is surprising and even moving.
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